About Me

  • A ‘Female Human‘, to begin with. (Not too much of a surprise there, huh?).
  • I dream, all the time.
  • Love living, in fact, at times it’s all about closing the eyes & breathing.
  • Never bored.
  • Carry music in my veins.
  • Pretty creative.
  • Amateur photographer. (Sprinkling a little modesty here).
  • Mother, wife and a daughter too.
  • Ex service industry professional with over 8 long years of exquisite stories to share.
  • First time blogger.
  • Like nature, yes, like! Saying that, my life would go black & white if there is no green around me. Love plants. Gardening comes naturally to me, it’s in my DNA. Thanks, Dad!
  • Detest numbers/calculation. Let’s just say I’m not a ‘Finance’ person, at all. It gives me an ache.
  • Dev Anand and Shah Rukh Khan fan but it’s impossible for me to not to adore Jack NicholsonOwen Wilson & Gerard Butler. The list doesn’t end here, just takes a break. I’m a movie buff! A sitcom buff too!
  • Hang on, I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t mention any Female Human in the above list, right? Here, I get goosebumps when I read or watch anything about Mother Teresa, Oprah WinfreyMeryl Streep etc. Again endless.
  • Why am I here? I’ll let my blog do the talking. And promise, I’ll try to be as realistically honest as I can.
  • Why ‘Female Humans‘? Here’s the answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women. At least it says we ARE humans, so that was the point of convergence. It’s all about us here.
  • Don’t ask me what inspires me, I might just say something incongruous.
  • There’s definitely more to come. I’ll talk through not only texts but music, movies, videos & pictures too. Um, or when I want to surprise all of us, will do some poetry as well.
  • Lastly. It’s a new beginning, it’s the first step, a new chapter and a new challenge. It’s incontestable that I’ll make mistakes, I’ll fall, I’ll get scratched but not at any condition will I stop trying. Here for good!

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Prashant says:

    Wonderful….you have a fan here ma’am…

  2. Pooja Mehra says:

    this is so wonderful. Absolutely rocking to see you writing Neha:) Just want to wish you with all the success and good luck ahead of you! Keep it coming…yeah

  3. Your best wishes mean a lot to me. A big thank you, straight from my heart.

  4. Anita Sharma Bhatia says:

    Hidden writer.hhhmmmmmm….U express yourself beautifully. All the best.Wish all the success and good luck….

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