Voice: My Only Choice!

Gloomy as it was, dark as it was,
I felt the pain, the way it never was,
My mirror tinted itself in shame,
How do I cope with this burning flame,
Nothing new yet everything’s changed,
The air I breath is not the same,
There seems to be dilemma, there seems to be confusion,
Helpless as I stand, no more disillusioned,
The smoke in the eyes, the ache in the gut,
My heart bleeds, so deep is the cut,
The canon roared, it was nothing but a lousy snore,
The gas followed but never scored,
The faces we expected, were behind the doors,
We were thousands, we were lakhs,
Wait for the moment, we are becoming your painful crores,
My skirt, my sari – my shorts, my salwar,
My neckline, my shawl – my dress, my burqa,
They make me Durga, they make me whore,
My drawer takes a call as my democracy still isn’t sure,
Restlessness I saw in the candle flames,
Had the courage to make ashes of the shameless fame,
Dented as we only stare, as on board game,
Demand a new paint, to frame the lame,
The streets, oh dear, saw it all,
They tell me, my sister, they are still appalled,
They sent the message to their core,
They demand a furor, they can bear no more,
You screeched, you yelled, you asked, you cried, you revolted,
You laid, you crawled, you fought, you went, you came, you smiled,
You talked, you influenced, you turned, you turned,  but you never returned!
My hands join, I am on my knees,
My prayers are endless, such chilling moments are these,
Be safe in heaven, now you have the keys,
Oh my dear sister, may you rest in peace,
May you rest in peace!
 Neha MK

About Neha Mendiratta Khullar

Photographer learning photography. Age: 29 From Mumbai, India. Blogger. Gardener. Singer out-of-practice. Sketcher out-of-practice. Dancer never-out-of-practice. Overtly Optimistic. Passionate Creativity Lover. Irregular Chef. Excellent Host. Not Your ‘Best’ Friend. Quick Learner. Movie Buff. Mush Queen. Family Gal. Lazy Wife. Crazy Mommy. Highly Observant. Respect First, Age Later. Respect First, Love Later. Heart First, Head Later. Day Dreamer, NO, ‘A Dreamer’. Won’t follow your rules. Don’t follow mine. Oh! I have none. FREEDOM. Never Jealous. Not my Trait. Most Loyal. My Trait. Love Giving Surprises. As secured as one can be. Favorite Number: 9 Intuitive Like No Other. Can See Your soul. Opinionated. Mostly Silent but my Head is not. Mostly Detached. Hyperactive Head at Night. Swear by work ethics but with a pinch of fun. My best work comes at the last-minute. Loading….loading…loading…please look up after some time for more.
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9 Responses to Voice: My Only Choice!

  1. petrel41 says:

    Welcome back to blogging!

    I am sorry the cause is the horrible outrage in Delhi.

    All the best for you and all women in India!

    • Hi Peter!

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Hope you’re doing great. I’ve been busy with photography. And talking of the above episode, well, the court hasn’t come to a conclusion yet. Hoping for the best. Much thanks & much love.

      • petrel41 says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words!

        Yes, blogging for me still goes for well, though I have a bit less time now. This will probably improve soon 🙂

  2. Overwhelming and beautiful words. Our hearts are with you.

  3. Indu says:

    Very True!
    May her soul rest in peace!

  4. vanika says:

    I feel and share the pain of your words!!!

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