The Tinted Frame by NMK

It gives me immense pleasure, joy & excitement in announcing my new photo-blog to all of you. Photography has always been my favorite subject. I’m taking a major step in transforming my father’s hobby in to a profession of my own. I’m more than grateful to him for assimilating this art in me for he believes in every picture he clicked and followed this very quote,

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange.

Here’s the link to ‘The Tinted Frame by NMK’ for all of you. Please subscribe, show me your love like you always have. I would love to hear back from you.

You can also stay glued via Facebook too.

Sending heaps of love to each one of you. xx

PS: I have no clue why I used Italics this time. Anyway, catch the links & subscribe.

About Neha Mendiratta Khullar

Photographer learning photography. Age: 29 From Mumbai, India. Blogger. Gardener. Singer out-of-practice. Sketcher out-of-practice. Dancer never-out-of-practice. Overtly Optimistic. Passionate Creativity Lover. Irregular Chef. Excellent Host. Not Your ‘Best’ Friend. Quick Learner. Movie Buff. Mush Queen. Family Gal. Lazy Wife. Crazy Mommy. Highly Observant. Respect First, Age Later. Respect First, Love Later. Heart First, Head Later. Day Dreamer, NO, ‘A Dreamer’. Won’t follow your rules. Don’t follow mine. Oh! I have none. FREEDOM. Never Jealous. Not my Trait. Most Loyal. My Trait. Love Giving Surprises. As secured as one can be. Favorite Number: 9 Intuitive Like No Other. Can See Your soul. Opinionated. Mostly Silent but my Head is not. Mostly Detached. Hyperactive Head at Night. Swear by work ethics but with a pinch of fun. My best work comes at the last-minute. Loading….loading…loading…please look up after some time for more.
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