Thank You For The Sunshine Award! Love Is Pouring From Around The World.

I can’t thank you enough. It’s your love, kindness and patience  which made it possible. I’m on cloud nine. It’s the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

My first award. Thank you, Tin Man!

You’ll see this picture now on the right side of my blog. A permanent fixture!

I’m expected to give out some more details about myself as a tiny ‘celebrity’. So, here are the ten questions that I need to answer. Have fun reading!

The purity, the calmness, the peacefulness, that's what defines color White. (PS: Color Green is second in my favorite list) Image Courtesy:

  • Your Favorite Animal: Elephant.

It's a bit strange to like Elephants, right? Something tells me that there is an unknown and unrealized story behind this. I hope I find it out soon. And I promise to share. Image Courtesy:

  • Your Favorite Number: 9.

There is such a powerful connection with this number, that I can't even begin to think of an explanation. May be I'll write a book on this. Image Courtesy:

  • Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Mojito.

From Virgin Pina Colada & Virgin Mary to Virgin Mojito. I remember having three the very first time and I had to be told to stop, would have had one more for sure. Image Courtesy:

  • Your Preferred Site, Facebook or Twitter – FacebookTwitter – TwitterFacebook – FacebookTwitter – ?

These are two different worlds, two different platforms, different functionality. Each has positive and negative. One lets me connect to the known and the other lets me explore the unknown. Love both, hate both, can't choose. Image Courtesy:

  • Your Passion: Anything artistic, but clearly photography on top now.

As I always say, ''My Pictures, My Story''. This is what I use to illustrate what I feel. Me and my NikonD5100. Too precious! Image Courtesy:

  • Getting or Giving what do you like: Giving presents.

I've always enjoyed giving presents to my loved ones. I love giving surprises too. Image Courtesy:

  • Your Favorite Pattern: Circle.

No end, no beginning / Circle of Life / Karma: What goes around comes around. Simple, isn't it? Image courtesy:

  • Your Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday.

The day I was born, Sunday. Also because of the 'Sun' present in the name. Image Courtesy:

White Lilies. So amazing, as if they are offering everything they have. I never forget to hug them whenever I meet them. So now you know which flowers to send me, right? Image Courtesy:

Now, as per the responsibilities given to the winner, I have the honor of nominating people. I’m so thrilled to do this. So, here they are.

  1. Marilyn McCottrell, who is an inspiration to many Female Humans.
  2. Jessie, who’s never without his Shutter Bug.
  3. Nikolay Kotev, who has a plethora of European History stories.
  4. Russel Chapman, whose mojo lies in his abstract photography.
  5. Eric Wang, who taught the term Brain Constipation to many.
  6. Bente Haarstad, to whom childhood memory means, skiing.
  7. Cyranette, who can’t stop writing and sends a new word out everyday.
  8. Leah Yetter, showcasing a gorgeous cow-girl life through her lens.
  9. Mark Berkery, whose favorite quote is, ”To bee or not to bee”.

Much congratulations to all of you. Sending lots of love across borders.

Each one of them is doing a stupendous job in their fields and I’m learning so much from them, everyday. Visit their blogs to believe it.

Once again, many many thanks!

I love you all.

About Neha Mendiratta Khullar

Photographer learning photography. Age: 29 From Mumbai, India. Blogger. Gardener. Singer out-of-practice. Sketcher out-of-practice. Dancer never-out-of-practice. Overtly Optimistic. Passionate Creativity Lover. Irregular Chef. Excellent Host. Not Your ‘Best’ Friend. Quick Learner. Movie Buff. Mush Queen. Family Gal. Lazy Wife. Crazy Mommy. Highly Observant. Respect First, Age Later. Respect First, Love Later. Heart First, Head Later. Day Dreamer, NO, ‘A Dreamer’. Won’t follow your rules. Don’t follow mine. Oh! I have none. FREEDOM. Never Jealous. Not my Trait. Most Loyal. My Trait. Love Giving Surprises. As secured as one can be. Favorite Number: 9 Intuitive Like No Other. Can See Your soul. Opinionated. Mostly Silent but my Head is not. Mostly Detached. Hyperactive Head at Night. Swear by work ethics but with a pinch of fun. My best work comes at the last-minute. Loading….loading…loading…please look up after some time for more.
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16 Responses to Thank You For The Sunshine Award! Love Is Pouring From Around The World.

  1. You so deserve it! I love your positive energy and peaceful spirit. Congrats! Marilyn

    • You guessed it right, I’m in the most peaceful state of mind at this moment. Otherwise too, I’m a no fuss girl 🙂

      Thanks for your appreciation and once again congrats to you too! Keep writing your beautiful stories.



  2. Shutter Bug says:

    Congratulations! You’re a true ‘Sunshine Blogger’. And thanks a lot for the nomination! I am honored. Cheers!!!

  3. Vanika says:

    Neha!Congratulations!I am so so happy that people love your words and work just as much as i do!You are no nonsense,yet crazy; a simple, yet complicated ‘female’.
    Love the way your posts are growing in depth and are like a beautiful yellow lily(my fav flower) that is opening its buds slowly as the “sunshine” grows;) (corny alert);) but seriously, u so deserve the appreciation u have received with this award..& if there was one for the nicest person on earth i would nominate u for it all the time, coz u bring so much light into my life;)

    • Thank you thank you thank you, sweetie. It’s a great high for me. Honesty and hard work never fail, that’s what I’ve realized so far. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process. There is a lot of learning involved which makes it all the more brilliant. Didn’t know you loved yellow lilies, fab! I’ll try even harder now to continue to light up your life, can I still say the feeling is mutual? 🙂

      Much love,


  4. kotev1000 says:

    Congratulations! Nick

  5. sunaina says:

    Congratulations Nehu….feel very proud n so happy for u…its a great news that u hav been awarded with the Sunshine Award…….Keep on blogging,You well deserve the award!!!!! alll d best… Much Love…..

  6. Deepa M. Puri says:

    Just 1 one… “WOW!”

  7. Cyranette says:

    Your enthusiasm and positive energy POPS off the page! Best wishes on your current path. Thank you for your joy..

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