I Drayed On The National Cleavage Day!

When I saw NCD trending on twitter yesterday, my first reaction was, “Heights of shallowness, so is this what we’ve come to now?” I immediately picked my mobile & rang my husband and yelled, “It’s national cleavage day in some parts of the world today, it’s trending in Mumbai, I’m fuming, it’s annoying me no end!” He interrupted and said, “And you should definitely write about it”. All calmed down in a snap, I started to read about this outrageous celebration (my earlier thought).

As per Wikipedia, it started in 2002 and I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday, which doesn’t come as a surprise because I’m sure that most of us here in India were not really aware that such a day existed.  The wiki page doesn’t provide detailed information but I felt pretty good reading about it. It was sort of relief that it wasn’t just some stupid hash (#) thing started by a group of perverts on twitter. Yes, the National Cleavage Day exists & it’s celebrated predominantly in the US & South Africa. The concept was conceived by Wonderbra & sponsored by Cosmopolitan along with the former. Every dime collected from the bras sold by the company in the same month, goes to an NGO in South Africa.

I captured a screen shot from my twitter account yesterday when I saw NCD trending, take a look!

National Cleavage Day Trending On Twitter.  Location: Mumbai, India. Date: 30-March-2012.

It’s interesting to see the reactions here.

  • First tweet is from a radio station in UK – Trying real hard to not go the pervert path, but the wink at the end doesn’t come as a savior.
  • Second tweet is from a girl in London – Funny, forceful and furious. She has my vote.
  • Third is from a girl in Corby, UK – Wild.
  • Fourth one is again from a girl in London – Carefree and going with the flow.
  • Fifth is from a boy in Tadley, UK – Dude, wishing the day was OK, but ‘Rawr’? No points.
  • Sixth one belongs to an Adman in London – This one had a funny & surprising twist. He added a picture of two guys/politicians/businessmen/corporate heads (couldn’t recognize) in business suits with open mouths, that is still acceptable. It’s harmless.
  • Seventh is our own MTV India – Classless, tasteless, disrespectful and now desperate, they have gone many levels down to just anyhow get their TRPs high, shame! As if Vidya Balan cares what they write!
  • The last is from a person in Warrington, UK – This one is my favorite. Why? Click here!

Majority of people around the world today talk about cleavage and breasts in a demeaning manner. The size is what matters, the shape is what matters, there is no end to the gossip. There are many girls with complexes & many with insecurities about their own body, about their own personality & about their own talent because the world of men around them has stopped seeing beyond the cup size. Why go far? For instance, when I did my reading about this topic, all the prominent & so-called respectful news papers of the world had half nude pictures of the female actors glued on their websites. There was nothing meaningful correlated to the National Cleavage Day message. Indian websites for a case in point, had their own list of actors. Why were they celebrating NCD again? We don’t even have such a day in the calender, morons! Where is responsible journalism? Oh! I remember, went down the drain, long time back.

I somehow stumbled upon an article on NCD from The Sun, UK. I rate this one as the worst. I found nothing valuable in it. What has happened after all? Have the women lost their senses? It’s a man thing (as they say) being lecherous, but why have the women confined their brains to such thoughts? Is that all we got? Something that hurts me the most is that the campaign saw a lot of women with such awful reasons to justify the NCD. Do we really think Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl StreepMargaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Julia Gillard, Christina Lagarde, Beyonce Knowles, Anita Roddick, Indira Nooyi, Maria Sharapova and many more, have achieved such phenomenal success because of their cleavage?Rubbish!

The research on the topic pushed me to check the website of the NGO Wonderbra supports. I’m rather surprised that it doesn’t mention anything about Wonderbra or Cosmopolitan, not in the partners list, not in the fund-raisers list, not the in the thank you list, no logo, nothing. I did the same with the Wonderbra website, I became desperate to a point that I convinced myself to subscribe to their newsletter. Surprise here too, nothing about the organisation they support, makes me wonder why? All they did yesterday was to create a poll on who has the best cleavage? Please enlighten me if they did some charity work too.

While some have fun on such occasions, some get a chance to flaunt their assets, some get mad and furious and some even retaliate. I somehow while writing this blog, tried to contemplate on the positives & negatives of  the NCD.  At the end, it was clear in my head. The whole idea of highlighting women’s cleavage & making it a day to celebrate is nothing more than a marketing instrument in my opinion. We are not dumb, we know our body, we know what we have, we know what we are made of, we know when to reveal, we know when the show time is over, we know it all because we gave birth, that is precisely how the human species began. The reason is us.

I do not support this day. Women might have different explanation for using their cleavage on numerous situations in life, but is that still ethical or appropriate enough reason to come up with such bruised marketing technique? I tend to disagree.

PS: I did unsubscribe from Wonderbra! 🙂

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16 Responses to I Drayed On The National Cleavage Day!

  1. Congrats! You are my new SHEro! I will wish you a Happy Women’s History month (last day) and will do my best to block out what all just happened(!)

  2. Stephanie, that is an honor! A heartfelt thanks. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

  3. Remarkable issues here. I am very happy to look your post. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  4. Dankeschön! (I did try my hands on German a few years back, most of which has washed out though. Glad you came here & dropped me a line. Really appreciate it! Keep visiting.

  5. Hi, Neha:
    As a mother, teacher, and church member, I try to instill a sense of personal pride, a drive to think critically for oneself, and a desire to be relentlessly true to oneself, especially in the girls I come into contact with daily. So many of us adult female humans don’t show girls that it’s okay (or their right) to decry anything. “Sshh! Be quiet and ladylike. Don’t say those things. Just ignore it.” When the media abuses us, and we take it (even endorse it), small wonder why so many girls are unable to defend themselves when real, physical, emotional, or mental abusers enter their lives.
    Great post. I can’t wait to read more.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Marilyn! Who would understand this better than us, the mothers with daughters? We have a humongous challenge ahead of us. It’s nothing less than a battle, to be able to raise our girls in a way that they look beyond the size, flesh and color. Also, to voice their opinion when required. I feel blessed to have a family which has taught me the right values to stay grounded and also go against the world if at all required when someone tries to rub me the wrong way. I hope we manage to achieve the uphill task.

      You are doing a fabulous job by making a difference in your own way. I’m sure your girls are proud of you. Looking forward to your next post. Keep it up!



  6. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!

  7. Mark says:

    Ha,ha! The inanity of civilisation at its global height. I won’t go into the significance of it here but everything is symbolic or symptomatic, or both.

  8. Mark says:

    BTW, hello Neha. It was you who mailed me I think. Been a very busy week and not remembering details as I used to, as a matter of practise. To be in the moment the sun is shining one can’t be remembering the last moment.

    • Hello! and Congratulations!

      We discussed about the above things and you seem sorted now. So, thank you for your visit. I simply love your photography and can’t even begin to think the amount of patience and concentration your work requires. Take a bow!

      Stay in touch 🙂



  9. I had not heard of National Cleavage Day but it doesn’t surprise me. In today’s world with seven billion people — and counting! — I’m sure there’s a national day for anything and everything that I could possibly imagine.

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